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Take the power back, baby

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Hey everybody,

Heidi here from Cloud Control with a brief note to say welcome, and thanks for checking out FEAT.

This is an invitation to all Australian artists- emerging or established - and all members of the music industry to build the clean energy system that will give humans a future on earth. We’re not a feel-good venture, we’re a platform for action, and our sole purpose is to accelerate the world-wide transition to renewable energy.

Why artists? Touring is super important for artists, but it has an enormous impact on the planet due to the extensive flights and freight involved. In all my years of touring with Cloud Control, the only option available was carbon offsetting and last year I consulted a lot of climate scientists who explained that we need much deeper solutions than this. Offsetting won’t get us out of this mess; we needed a complete overhaul of our entire energy system, and a rapid transition to solar and wind-powered energy sources.

This is where the idea for FEAT emerged. What better way for artists to take ownership over a renewable future, than to actually build it? When you create something, you have a stake in it, skin in the game; so FEAT. is an offer for artists to build a lasting, powerful relationship with the planet we tour.

We’ve launched a company where artists can invest to own part of a solar farm and reshape the environmental legacy of our touring. These are investments, not donations. Artists will be making hardcore solar infrastructure investments and can expect to see annual returns. You could think of it like “solar royalties”, and we’ve set the minimum investment as low as possible to encourage all artists to get involved.

I spent a long time consulting experts to figure out the best way we could make a difference as artists, and I had three criteria: whatever it was it had to be super effective for cutting carbon emissions, science-approved, and highly scalable so we could make the biggest impact possible. FEAT. is the result. We’re the product of over 2 years of research, hustling and dreaming big and a whole lot of support from my artist fam and allies across a huge range of sectors - science, climate activism, environmental law, and the ethical investment world. There’ll be plenty of time to trade stories about the journey.

But for now I wanted to say thanks for being here and reading this, and I hope you reach out soon so we can get started.

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Jun 04, 2019

Great initiative. I travel a lot so I'm looking forward to taking part. I've left a message on the inquiry link as well.


Rob Law
Rob Law
Jun 04, 2019

Great initiative, congratulations! Really looking forward to getting involved.

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