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Why we exist

Touring for a renewable future

FEAT. is a world-first initiative for artists to take ownership over accelerating our clean energy future at a critical time in human history.

We are artist-led, science-backed, and results-oriented. We believe in the power of live music, the reality of the climate crisis and the need to rapidly transition to a renewables-based economy.

We follow the ethos of the social impact sector and believe that business should make a positive impact on the world while also being profitable for its members.

We recognise that industries can change, and environmental awareness can become the default operating mindset when people are offered a simple solution.

Our people

FEAT is made possible through our partnership with Future Super, Australia’s first fossil-fuel free superannuation fund.


Future Super are experts in renewable energy investment, and they came onboard as our investment partner in May 2018.


All media equiries

Heidi Lenffer Founder/Director

Ulrich Lenffer 


Simon Sheikh

Managing Director, Future super 

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