FEAT. Live launches!

Our latest project and sister company.
FEAT. Live is spearheading a new climate action strategy designed to reduce the emissions of live entertainment by unlocking sustainability funding through ticket sales. 

The ‘Solar Slice’ is the name of a ticketing surcharge that is built into the booking fee of partner events as an industry commitment to prioritising sustainability. 1.5% is the suggested surcharge price point to symbolically reinforce the 1.5 degree warming target of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Aussie band Lime Cordiale have adopted the initiative for their upcoming tour and festival called The Squeeze. Oliver and Louis Liembach are proudly putting the environmentally driven principles that guide the way they do business upfront at the festival that they created with their managers Michael Chugg and Andrew Stone.


Across the tour, The Squeeze will take $1 from each ticket and fund a carbon reduction program designed to reduce the tour footprint.

The Solar Slice revenue will then be used to drive carbon reduction measures, fund Lime Cordiale’s sustainability priorities in collaboration with the FEAT. Live advisory board, and invest in critical industry solutions needed for long-term low-carbon live event operations.


A smart evolution of touring in response to the climate crisis

Touring artists around the world comes at a very real cost to the planet.
One that we can no longer ignore. 
FEAT. is an artist-led movement to reshape the environmental legacy of the music industry. 

Invest in solar. 

Via our managed fund set up in partnership with ethical super annuation fund, Future Super. 
By investing, you will own a stake in solar farms around australia, and as an actively managed fund, you can expect competitive returns on your investment. 


At last a project that takes the great passion many artists have for a healthy world powered by renewable energy,
and makes it doable. A stunning, much needed initiative.

Peter Garrett- Midnight Oil